Custom plastic molding

With Itek as your project partner you can aim for higher goals for part performance, project savings and time to market. Itek offers state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment plus advanced production procedures and in-depth experience in product development.

Our specialty is molded prototypes and short run production for 100’s to a 1000 units for the industrial, the instrumentation, the medical and the telecommunications markets needs.

Molding of plastic parts is fully in-house giving full control over scheduling but also the materials and manufacturing processes applied to your products.

Short run production for 100’s to a 1000 units, that’s our specialty!

New product development

Challenge us in making the best choices for plastic performance, for molded part costs and for quality all the while delivering results on time or better. We offer a professional teamwork approach combined with our unique knowledge of high performance thermoset plastics, of part designs optimized for molding including in-house and partner supplied finishing operations.

Since 1997 we have been involved in the successful development of over 200 new products. We seek to join your development team right from the start

First-off success

Our unique, automated vaccum molding process applied to high performance thermoset plastics and combined with in-house mold design and mold making are guarantees of your success the first time through.

Our professional teams of suppliers and subcontractors share our values for quality, for speed and ease of communications.


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